Becky Koski

Libby Guenther

I love the challenge of pushing my own physical limits and the high that it leaves afterwards. This is my own stress relief, with 3 very energetic kids at home. With 15+ years in fitness, coaching group fitness and personal training, I am pretty confident that I've perfected teaching kick butt classes that will leave YOU feeling that post-workout high -- and I promise you'll enjoy it. In each class we all feed off the energy created by everyone pushing themselves and testing their own limits. My classes will challenge you and you can find me teaching Spin, TRX, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates at SCS180. On a softer side, other than my family, sunshine & chocolate make me smile. 

Megan Bellamy

Rexann Legler

I have always been an active person.  Dancing (tap, ballet, and jazz) was a big part of my life growing up, and I continued to be involved in dance with my daughters until they graduated from high school.  Then osteoarthritis in my hips slowed me down.   I started taking Pilates classes to build strength that I had lost and to help manage the pain. I eventually had surgery on my hips which eliminated my pain and opened up new options for exercise.  I continued with Pilates and began indoor cycling classes as a way to burn calories to lose some weight.  I fell in love with cycling!  I found it provided the opportunity to push myself and challenge my limits.  I find the music motivating, and it feels like dancing on a bike!  As I continued to make Pilates and cycling a regular part of my life I found I had more energy, I lost weight, and my health improved.  It continues to be a journey, and I enjoy sharing what I love to do by teaching classes.