A note from Ben

Happy New Year!

 I hope that you had an excellent end of 2018, and that 2019 has started off well.  As you may have noticed, we’ve been making changes at the studios. I am reaching out to you to share some of the changes that are happening at SCS and let you know about additional programming that will be implemented in the future.

 First off, thank you to those who took time to fill out our survey. Our goal is to provide you with  programs and workouts that deliver quality results and meet the convenience needs of our members.

 Based on the survey feedback and our goal of delivering results, we have invested in new equipment, most geared towards strength training.  Moving forward strength training is going to be a pillar at SCS because everyone can benefit from strength training.  While strength training can be seen as intimidating at times, strength is a relative term.  We want all of our clients to feel strong during their workouts, so our staff will work with you to ensure that you are at the right level to challenge you. 

 You may also have noticed that a good amount of our Spin Bikes have been removed.  We are not completely getting away from our Spin Classes, but in the future spin classes will be smaller portion of our overall class schedule.  We understand that there is nothing better than the energy of an intense Spin Class, but the vision we have for SCS is moving in a different direction. We want to continue to use this modality in some of our Combo Classes, but moving forward Spin will not be a prime class.  I do understand that some of you joined SCS for Spin classes, and I am happy to speak with you individually about what classes are offered and what the future of Spin looks like in the Studios. 

There are new classes on the schedule too. One new class that you may have seen on the schedule is the Strength and Cardio circuit.  This is a new and unique class at SCS, it is an open ended block of time that clients can come to the Studio and participate in a 10 station Strength and Cardio workout.  Each circuit will last roughly 30 minutes and you can complete it as many times as you'd like during the class time.  For example, Saturday Circuits are listed for 2.5 hours, you can come in at any time during that period and begin your circuit. 

The circuits will use all sorts of different equipment, ropes, kettle bells, dumbbells, body-weight, TRX and more. You can complete it once, twice or as many as you'd like.  You can jump around from station to station if you'd like.  We want to give you more flexibility in your workout and find different ways to challenge you.  The feedback we have gotten back from the Circuit training has been excellent so far, please don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts 

 "Mobility" is another new class on the schedule.  This class is and will be designed to work on joint mobility and overall flexibility.  These will be much like a Yoga class, but will incorporate TRX, kettle bells, bands and more.  If you have questions about Mobility classes, please feel free to reach out to us. 

 While there have been some big changes at SCS, a lot of your favorite classes have remained the same.  Our #1 goal is to give you a great work out, day in and day out. We are very excited for this new direction, and think that it will have a major benefit and impact on our clients overall health and wellness.

 Lastly, we are committed to giving our instructors and trainers the best resources and education possible.  We will continue to host TRX instructor courses and send our staff to these.  We are looking into kettle bell certifications for all staff members and working with the best instructors in Omaha, to increase our knowledge base.  As a Team, we are meeting every Saturday and doing workouts together, so that we can share ideas and provide feedback to each other on what we can to do improve our classes.

Personally, I am very excited for the renewed direction of SCS.  I feel that these changes will take us in a new direction and give you the best overall workout and fitness experience possible.  We are planning on bringing in even more Strength based equipment in the near future and upgrade our programming to offer smaller group training, one-on-one training and results based workouts.  If you have any feedback, questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me personally (my cell number is 402-990-1260).  I look forward to helping you "Find your Strength."

 Strength and Courage,



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